All along this project called Sólo un nombre (Just a name), the photographer reflects about the transgender and gender diversity in childhood. Here you have some portraits of transgender children from Madrid (Spain) The photographs have dreamlike, playful aesthetics, they show the daily life of happy children moving away from the morbid fascination and the drama often connected to this topic. The name of the project is inspired on a Alejandra Pizarnik poem: Sólo un nombre /alejandra, alejandra/ debajo estoy yo/ alejandra // Just a name / alejandra, alejandra/ underneath I am / alejandra. The project includes the photos, a photobook and a short documentary. The photographs have been exhibited in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Island) and in spring of 2019 will be exposed in the Anthropology National Museum in Madrid. The project has been recognized with the Extraordinary prize of the Community of Madrid in Plastic Arts Studies. For further information you can visit