Sólo un nombre (Just a Name) is a photobook containing the photos of the same name project, accompanied by texts written by the feminist anthropologist Noemi Parra to this end specifically. All along the project, the photographer reflects about the transgender and gender diversity in childhood. With that objective she divides the work (and the book) in two parts. The first part consists of five portrait monographs of transgender kids, only with a short notice showing the name, chosen pronoun and age of each one of them. The second part is a series of photos taken in a trans children summer camp that takes place in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) every year in the month of July.

Text doesn’t appear until page 30 of the book, this is important, because, until this moment, you don’t know what the photos are about, you are seeing the work totally unprejudiced. Besides, the text has a clearly academic tone. This is because we didn’t want the text to explain the work but to provide it with added value.

The photobook has a very strong narrative achieved through the size and placement of the photographs, which supply movement (like the children themselves, who jump, dance and run in the photos). Other narrative resources are the repetitions, the zooms and the book’s own spine, which is used to hide or show elements. The design and production of the book are very sober, something that emphasizes the attempted discourse.

For further information you can visit sheilamelhem.com/solounnombre